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  • Director of Teaching and Learning
    This full-time position is responsible for bringing a pedagogical framework and evidence-based practices to Illinois Humanities education programs. This role is responsible for working with students, faculty, and facilitators to increase participant engagement and ensure high quality, humanities-based reflective practices as well as helping to shape research and evaluation priorities for education programs. >>Learn more.


Illinois Humanities regularly recruits college and post-college interns to work directly with our staff to support our various programs and overall mission. Internships are designed to meet each intern’s specific skills and interests, while working closely with an Illinois Humanities staff member. By the end of the internship, it is our goal that interns will have been exposed to the various aspects of an organization steeped in the state’s arts and humanities world, while having completed a project they can claim as their own.

  • If you are interested in interning with us, please send us an email with your resume attached.


If you are interested in volunteering with us, please send us an email with your interests and skills.


There are a variety of ways to find out about Illinois Humanities and its programs: