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Application deadlines for 2021 Vision, Action, and Multiplier grants are 5PM CST on January 15, May 15, and September 15.

We hope to work with our grantee partners to better understand where the public humanities are headed. It’s been said over and over that the old model was the professor at the lectern, speaking to a quiet public, and that the new model engages audiences and takes their expertise seriously. But what does this really look like? What are creative models for this new direction in the public humanities? How can we assess the quality and impact of high-quality and engaging programming? How can high-quality programming help build or strengthen community engagement?

Illinois Humanities cares that public events are as inclusive as possible. Because of this, grant applicants may check a box to request an additional $100 to provide accessibility services (e.g., ASL translation).

Below are our grantmaking guidelines and more information to help guide you. The deadlines for each grant can be found in the section below. Please reach out for advice on the process or on a project you are considering. Simply email or call (312) 422-5586 for more information.

Note: We have also added diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) workshops and trainings as well as other efforts at becoming more intentionally inclusive to the way that groups can apply Vision grant support.

Note: As of the Sept. 15, 2020, Community Grants application cycle we are now using Foundant as a grants platform. We’ve made this switch because this dedicated platform includes features such as being able to start a process (such as filling out an LOI) and being able to return to finish it later, plus other features such as being able to view your organization’s grants history with Illinois Humanities, etc. We hope you enjoy it! Please share feedback with us on what is and isn’t working well, by sending comments to Mark at

We have also added DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) workshops and trainings to the ways that groups can apply Vision grant support.

If you have any questions regarding our Community Grants program, feel free to contact Mark Hallett at Si Ud. quiere más información en español, puede hablar con Mark Hallett: / (312) 422-5586.

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