As a result of our current public health crisis, Illinois Humanities has postponed the Odyssey Project graduation ceremony, originally scheduled for May 3rd at the National Museum of Mexican Art. We are committed to celebrating the sixty-two graduates who completed the Odyssey Project and Sojourner Scholars this year and will reschedule the graduation ceremony when it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, please join us in celebrating the Odyssey Project and Sojourner Scholars Class of 2020:

Alberta Craig
Alisha Webster
Alisha Williams
Althea A. Fowler-Miller
Amanda McKenzie
Andrea Lowe
Anna Tracy
Anthony Williams
Audrey Forrest
Barbara Ann Jimerson
Bernita Winters
Beth Nicholls
Brady Safford
Carlita Dabbs
Chamberlon Clark
Cheryl Mance
Colleen Curry
Courtney Kay
Crystal Madinah
Haro Fuentes
Jazmin Bernal
Jessica Bernal
Jessie Padilla
Jesus Carrillo
Jose Cornejo
José Pérez
José Sandoval
Josephine Horace-Jackson
Kahari Blackburn
Karen Alvarez
Kenyana (Tasha) Johnson
Kim Redmond
Kimberly Buckmaster
Larry Queen
Lavenia Malone
Luz Zavala
Marcus Rogers
Margaret Taiwo
Maria Beltran
Marti Price
Mary Trina Juárez
Milo Bosh
Mireille Uwase
Nora Taylor
Pamela Davis
Paxton Murphy
Rebecca Taylor
Rodney Jones
Satchel Stokes
Shenae Morgan
Sofía Portillo
Sylvia Fedrick
Vincent Romero

Sojourner Scholars 
Kaliyah Harris
Ladeja Canady-Lewis
Marshai Bradley
Myeisha Henderson
Nyesha Erskin
Patrick Rance
Rasehid Harvey
Valerie Jackson

The Odyssey Project

We will have more information on our upcoming academic year (2020-2021) very soon.  If you would like to receive more information on the Odyssey Project, please provide your contact information here and we will follow up with you. Thank you. 

Students enrolled in The Odyssey Project will take courses in literature, philosophy, U.S. history, art history, and critical thinking and writing from September through May. Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn six units of college credit in the Humanities from Bard College (all credits earned are fully transferrable).

The Odyssey Project also offers a second-year course, offered in both English and Spanish, for students who are interested in continuing their education in the humanities while earning additional college credits.

Courses are offered in the Chicago neighborhoods of Greater Grand Crossing, Austin, and Rogers Park, and Cicero (taught in Spanish).

Learn more about The Odyssey Project’s high-school program – Sojourner Scholars!

The Odyssey Project is offered in conjunction with the Bard College Clemente Course in the Humanities and with support from  The University of Chicago’s Civic Knowledge Project and Northwestern University’s Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities.

Eligibility and Guidelines

To qualify for The Odyssey Project:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Read at an adult level. We do a lot of reading in the program, so being able to read a newspaper in English (or in Spanish for the Spanish Course) is a good measure of reading readiness for this course.

  • Live at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guideline (see the application for income guidelines).

  • You DO NOT currently have a four-year college degree (B.A./B.S.).
  • You CAN join The Odyssey Project if you have outstanding student loans and student loans in default or owe money to a college. We DO NOT use Federal Financial Aid Forms.

  • You CAN join The Odyssey Project is you have not completed your high school degree. 
  • We consider special circumstances if you do not qualify based on the above criteria, so please contact us and/or add a note to your application.

  • Submit a complete application 2019-20 Chicago Courses by August 15, 2019 (September 1, 2019 for the West Side location in Austin) and/or 2019-20 Spanish Course by September 1, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

The First Year Course

The first-year course provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the humanities through the study of philosophy, art history, literature, U.S. history, and critical thinking and writing. In addition to work in the classroom, students will also have the opportunity to see plays, visit museums, and attend public lectures.

Classes meet twice a week in the evenings from mid-September to late-April, and are offered in Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing, Austin, and Rogers Park neighborhoods. A Spanish version of the first year course is also offered in Cicero, IL. Upon successfully completing the first year course, students earn six units of college credits in the Humanities from Bard College.

The Second Year Course

The second-year course is open to those who have successfully completed the first-year course and wish to continue their study of the humanities. In the second-year course, students take two courses that each meet once a week from mid-September through to mid-February.  Upon successful completion of the second year course, students earn an additional six units of college credit in the Humanities from Bard College. Classes are held in downtown Chicago at the Illinois Humanities’ office (125 South Clark St, Suite 650).

El Proyecto Odisea (Spanish Language Course)

El Proyecto Odisea es un curso al nivel universitario para hispanohablantes, que consiste en cinco clases: Redacción y Pensamiento Crítico, Literatura, Historia, Filosofía e Historia de Arte. Las lecturas asignadas y la discusión en clase son en español. Las clases se reúnen de septiembre a mayo, dos veces por semana, en T.G. Masaryk School (5701 W 22nd Place, Cicero). Los estudiantes que cumplan con todos los requisitos del curso recibirán 6 horas de crédito universitario.

Cada dos años ofrecemos el Curso de Segundo Año en Español, abierto a los estudiantes que han completado el nivel básico del Proyecto Odisea y que desean profundizar sus estudios de las humanidades. Los estudiantes tomarán dos cursos durante dos semestres y se reunirán una vez por semana desde septiembre hasta abril. Al completar exitosamente el curso, los estudiantes obtendrán 6 créditos universitarios adicionales. Las clases se imparten en T.G. Masaryk School (5701 W 22nd Place, Cicero).

Sojourner Scholars

Sojourner Scholars Summer Humanities Institute provides high school students from four South Side CPS high schools the opportunity to take college level courses with local university and college faculty over the course of three summers, beginning the summer following their freshman year.

During the first two summers of the program, students study literature, U.S. history, philosophy, and art history. In the final summer, students embark upon a research-intensive capstone project that draws upon local, community-based archives and resources.

Upon successfully completing all three summer sessions, students earn six college credits in the humanities that they can transfer to any two or four-year college or university.

In addition to the summer sessions, year-round programming is available to the students in the form of book groups, art making workshops, field trips, internships, and college advising.

Check out the student site:

Odyssey Project Faculty and Staff