Program Description

To celebrate the Illinois Bicentennial in 2018 and to spark curiosity about Illinois history and its implications for our state’s present and future, Illinois Humanities, in partnership with the Illinois State Historical Society, is launching a grants program entitled Forgotten Illinois.

Why We’re Doing It

The core question to which this program responds is, “What can lesser-known features of Illinois history tell us about the ever-evolving identity of our state?” By shedding light on chapters of our history that are significant despite their obscurity, and by using media and digital storytelling platforms to make them widely accessible, Forgotten Illinois intends to engage numerous partners throughout the state in feeding curiosity about the many facets that comprise Illinois’s complex identity.

Partners and Their Roles

Illinois Humanities will administer this grants program, while the Illinois State Historical Society will help to publicize the opportunity to apply as widely as possible, evaluate and select proposals, and disseminate the products of this initiative.

How it works

We are making grants available to support Forgotten Illinois activities during all three of our 2018 grant cycles: by 5PM on January 15, 2018, May 15, 2018, and September 15, 2018. Applicants should use the Action category from the Vision, Action, and Multiplier (VAM) Grants form, and answer “Yes” to the question “Is this a “Forgotten Illinois” grant?”. They should also indicate whether they are applying in the scholarly research, artistic interpretation, or school-based activity category in the project narrative.”

More Information

Awarded Projects

Below is a list of projects funded through the Forgotten Illinois Community Grants series. Stay tuned for more information on the projects as they develop.