IH Newsletter

Enews January 2021


Dear Friends,

Reading is my sport–and I’m betting many of you consider it your sport too. Join me and other members of the Illinois Humanities community in WordCount, our first ever state-wide-read-a-thon. Monday is the last day of the competition.

You can still sign up and enter your books retroactively—anything you’ve read since December 21 counts! And you could win prizes; here are the Champion categories:

Reading Champion: WordCount participant who reads the most

Resources Champion: WordCount reader who raises the most money for Illinois Humanities, and

Referral Champion: WordCount reader who refers the most people to the race on social media.

Each Champion will receive a deluxe and cozy basket full of yummy and reading-centric treats (pictured below): Illinois-crafted chocolate, coffee, tea, mug, homemade coasters, and an assortment of books and gift cards!

If you don’t want to participate but still want to help, you can make a donation to Illinois Humanities through the WordCount site. We’re only $644 away from our goal. Everyone who gives or raises $25 or more receives a limited editionWordCount button and sticker. All funds will be used to support our Odyssey Project. We appreciate you!

Stay warm,


Gabrielle Lyon, Executive Director


P.S. Here’s this week’s book recommendation: In spring 2020, philosopher Theodore Richards included R. Sambuli Mosha’s text, “The Heartbeat of Indigenous Africa: A Study of the Chagga Educational System,” in a West Side Odyssey course titled “Conceptions of the Self: Individual & Community.”