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Tamms students head to ISU to take part in Human Rights Forum

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A handful of Egyptian High School seniors will head to the Illinois State University campus in Normal for the Capitol Forum on America’s Future this week.

Teacher Darrel Dexter applied to take part in the special curriculum sponsored by the Illinois Humanities Council. For the first time ever Egyptian was selected to take part.

“We were one of the few schools south of peoria able to do this, so it’s an honor to come from a small school and be able to participate in this,” said Egyptian senior Nathan Price.

Throughout the year seniors in Mr. Dexter’s U.S. Government class have been examining various human rights issues and taking a close look at the debate over minimum wage thru the lens of human rights.

“I really like this class, I’m really learning a lot and it’s helping me perceive things differently,” said Egyptian senior Danielle Carthell.

“I’ve always been strong in my political beliefs, but it’s kind of cool to see how others thing as opposed to me,” said Egyptian senior Hannah McClarney.

Thursday, the students will present their findings on ISU’s campus, and learn about the issues other schools in the program have been working on.

“We’re going to split up in groups and go over different case studies, so that’ll be cool to work with other students and not just our class,” McClarney said.

Some students say weighing all the facts on minimum wage and human rights changed their minds on the subject. others say it only enhanced their previously- held beliefs. The bottom line is it got the students thinking; which Mr. dexter says is the whole point.

“The best benefit for students is they begin to see there are other views, good views,” said Mr. Dexter. “Whether they agree or disagree, there are other opinions out there. It makes students more open to hear from others who disagree with them.”