Presentation - Journeying Through The American Indian Way of Life

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In this presentation, Kim takes the audience through the American Indian way of life as it once was.

Kim talks about the tribes that once inhabited Illinois, and includes a history of the Trail of Tears as it pertains to our state. She’ll discuss the Native traditions and culture of the tribes that once lived in Illinois in the early 1800’s before the Indian Removal Act moved them west. Topics such as Native gardening, harvest, and music will be included in the discussion, and Kim will sing and drum during the presentation. A question-and-answer period will follow.

Kim is available for both in-person and online presentations.

Program Topics

  • History
  • Storytelling
  • Native American

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About Road Scholar Kim Sigafus McIver

Kim is an award-winning Ojibwa author from Freeport, IL. Her family is from White Earth Reservation, which is in the northwest corner of Minnesota. Kim writes Native American fiction and non-fiction as well as YA and children’s books. She has a degree in Theater and Vocal Music, drums and sings, and crafts dream catchers and Talking Feathers. She has given many presentations in her Native regalia and enjoys sharing her culture with others. She has presented at venues such as Northern Illinois University and many other Midwest colleges, The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and many other museums, as well as libraries and small groups. She’s been interviewed for both television and radio and is currently reviewing Native curriculum for an educational company.

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