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Not Quite: Asian Americans and the "Other" in the Era of the Pandemic and the Uprising

A Road Scholar Program by Pamala Silas

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Road Scholar Ada ChengThis presentation encompasses a storytelling performance and a facilitated dialogue. Ms. Cheng shares personal stories that reflect both the historical status of Asian Americans as well as the impact of current major crises facing society, particularly the rising anti-Asian violence under the pandemic. The stories will address the following concepts.

  • Having citizenship is different from having a sense of home in the United States.
  • Othering immigrants of color through institutionalized practices, processes, and mechanisms.
  • How we reproduce inequalities through individual practices in addition to structural inequities.
  • The importance of intersectionality, such as the connection among gender, race, class, sexuality, immigration, and citizenship.
  • Historical and rising anti-Asian racism under the Pandemic as well as the necessity for cross-racial solidarity and alliance-building.


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