Documentaries Funded by Illinois Humanities

Grants for Documentary Filmmakers
If you are a filmmaker in search of funding for your film, Illinois Humanities is one place to look. We provide two types of grants for documentary film projects (eligibility requirements and application instructions can be found by following the links below):

Media Development: A grant of no more than $4,000 to assist in the pre-production, research and planning stages of a documentary film.
Media Production: A grant of no more than $5,000 to assist in the production and post-production stages of a documentary film.

Illinois Humanities-Supported Documentary Films*
Below, please find information about more than 70 films made and completed with the support of Illinois Humanities. In addition to synopses of each film, included are links to web resources where the film is available for purchase. Many of these films are also accessible on VHS and/or DVD from the Illinois State Library, via the ILLNET catalog online.

*If you have received a media grant from Illinois Humanities and do not see your film listed here, please email or call us at 312.422.5580.