Presentation - Police Violence, Evil and the Future of Democracy

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The presentation will engage the perennial question of evil as it relates to the enduring problem of racialized police violence. Insights from religious and Black studies will be used to interpret racism as a type of idolatry that occasions the experience of evil in public life.

In addition, the presentation will address how policing conceals problems related to the common good that erode the legitimacy of democracy; promoting the politics of death. This will be explored through the history of policing in Chicago through the use of images and video. Discussions about paths forward renewing our common life will engage participants in the praxis of renewing our common lives.

Program Topics

  • Ethics
  • Racism
  • Social Justice

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About Road Scholar Christophe D. Ringer

Christophe D. Ringer is a religious and cultural critic, author, activist and minister. He is passionate about understanding the relationship between self, society and the sacred. Ringer currently serves as Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics and Society at Chicago Theological Seminary. He is also the author of Necropolitics: The Religious Crisis of Mass Incarceration in America from Lexington Books that examines the religious and cultural meanings that sustain mass incarceration in American public life. Ringer has published and presented his research nationally as well as internationally and is active with a number of social justice organizations including A Just Harvest, Community Renewal Society and Workers Center for Racial Justice.

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