Archived Programs

Illinois Humanities presented:

68+50: Explore the Legacy of the 1968 Democratic Convention
Join Illinois Humanities and its partner the Public Media Institute for a month long exploration of the legacy of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago through events, exhibitions, and performances that combine our focus areas of Art, Public Policy, and Media & Journalism. LEARN MORE

Continuing Ed: Parents and the Future of Illinois Public Schools
What should we expect from public education? How can schools best serve the diverse needs of their students? How do schools reflect their neighborhoods and communities?
Continuing Ed. was a yearlong, statewide series of free public programs that put parents and schools back at the center of conversations addressing these difficult questions. Working with parent organizations and local schools, Continuing Ed. forefronted the experiences of families as they navigate their local public school system – providing an honest discussion of the problems that Illinois families still face while also celebrating the inspirational work that communities and educators are managing to do in tough times. LEARN MORE

Crowd Out Chicago
Join Illinois Humanities and Chicago Humanities Festival for the U.S. premiere of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang’s crowd out. Leading up to the October 1, 2017, 3 PM performance from a 1000-voice choir, Illinois Humanities will be hosting a series of community conversations and performances in each of Chicago’s 50 wards. LEARN MORE

Data, Democracy, and the Human Story
Discussing how data is impacting culture, from social media to surveillance. The phenomenon known as “big data” is changing the way businesses, governments, and citizens collect and use information. Join us for a set of interdisciplinary conversations examining how this information explosion is impacting our society and culture, from social media to surveillance and privacy. LEARN MORE

Engagement Fellowship at the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting
Fostering investigative journalism driven by the diverse voices, experiences and perspectives of Illinois communities. In partnership with the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting, the 12-month Illinois Humanities Engagement Fellowship deepens our efforts to strengthen connections and build collaboration between journalists and the communities they cover throughout the state of Illinois. LEARN MORE

Everyone’s a Designer/Everyone’s Design: Celebrating a People’s History of Design
Everyone’s a Designer/Everyone’s Design, produced by Illinois Humanities, is a free traveling museum exhibition that explores and celebrates everyday Chicagoans’ influence on art and design in the city. Travelling across Chicago’s Cultural Centers, the exhibition tells the stories of 5 people, the homes they’ve made uniquely their own, and the rich design and architectural history of their neighborhoods. LEARN MORE

Illinois Capitol Forum on America’s Future
A year-long civic education program for Illinois high school students promoting informed discussion about and active participation in international and domestic policy issues. Capitol Forum supports teachers in their social studies classrooms, addresses current global issues, and encourages civic engagement among students. Collaboration with Illinois State University’s History Department allows teachers and students opportunity to benefit from the University’s resources and campus. LEARN MORE

Immigrant Landscape: How a new landscape replaced the prairie state in Illinois
Immigrant Landscape was a series of nature walks in 2019 at the Sand Ridge Nature Center where participants discussed with a historian and naturalist the hidden role of weeds in shaping Illinois. LEARN MORE

OpenICE: Concerts and Conversations
OpenICE is a free, monthly concert series, in partnership with the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), expanding the boundaries of and audiences for classical music. Produced by ICE in partnership with Illinois Humanities, this series of intimate performances and workshops is located in intimate, unique spaces and local Chicago public schools and will give audiences insight into the art of creating and experiencing contemporary classical music. LEARN MORE

Other Upcoming Arts Programs
Public programs designed to increase exposure and access to art by creating dialogue around the work and nurturing an open and curious audience. LEARN MORE

People-Powered Publishing Conference
An annual gathering focused on building collaboration and strengthening connections between journalists and the publics they cover. The People-Powered Publishing Conference is a gathering that highlights innovative practices and projects building stronger connections between reporters and the publics they cover.  This conference aims to provide an opportunity to share resources, talk about what’s working, and foster the growth of this community of practice. LEARN MORE

ProPublica Illinois Engagement Challenge Award
Engaging Illinois residents in the investigative reporting process through inclusive, interactive community-building experiences. Illinois Humanities and ProPublica Illinois’ Engagement Challenge Award aims to foster investigative reporting that resonates across our state’s diverse, geographically disparate communities. LEARN MORE

Reporting Back
Empowering members of the public to influence media conversation about issues affecting their communities. Advancing Illinois Humanities’ commitment to strengthening society by fueling inquiry and conversation, Reporting Back takes a new approach to creating stories that engage and empower the citizens they represent: by making public dialogue a central part of the reporting process from square one. LEARN MORE

Seeding Change? The Future of Our Farms and Communities
How can agriculture contribute to the long-term economic and cultural viability of Illinois communities?
Seeding Change is a series that will travel to Greenville, Shelbyville, and Cobden to gather people to talk about the future of agriculture and rural Illinois communities – complete with a delicious meal and local entertainment to feed both mind and body. LEARN MORE

Talking Service: A Veterans Discussion Group
Discussing and reflecting on veterans’ experiences and those of others through readings that traverse time and place. Talking Service is free and open to veterans, regardless of age, gender, or length of military experience. Groups in Aurora, Effingham, Carbondale, and Anna will meet during the Fall of 2016. Each group will meet for at least six times, with a capstone visit from award-winning author and veteran Brian Turner. LEARN MORE

The Jack Wing Society
Like former Illinois Humanities board chair Jack Wing, we believe the humanities can foster conversation about the role of business in public life, which is essential for a thriving economy and a healthy democracy. Our business programming is supported in part by the Jack Wing Society, named in honor of our former board chair John A. “Jack” Wing, a leader in the finance industry and a tireless advocate of the humanities.  Like Jack, we believe that the humanities should foster the civic conversations that are essential for a thriving economy and a healthy democracy. LEARN MORE

The Oedipus Plays: Fate, Redemption, and Justice
A Community Reading Group + Theatre-Going Series
Join Illinois Humanities and Court Theatre for a community book group in Greater Grand Crossing, Bronzeville, Rogers Park, or Back of the Yards (en español). LEARN MORE